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About Us


Welcome to Vintage Books, an independent family owned bookstore. We have been serving book-lovers and auto enthusiasts since 1975.

We’ve always put our priority where our hearts are: the best book selection we can offer and the most knowledgeable, dedicated staff.  Our staff  are all passionate readers-- the diversity of our preferences can be seen in our “staff choice” selections. We work hard to make your book buying experience easy, and treat your books with care as we would treat our own.

If you were to visit our physical store, you’d find us to be pretty low key. Plain pine bookcases, old rugs, old chairs and a small couch near the children’s area. Blank vertical surfaces are covered with old ads, sayings, booklists, displayed books, socks, and FairTrade items to add some diversity to Vintage.

Maisie may come to say hello, when she’s not napping. Dickens is very shy, so you may not know he’s here, except for the occasional squeak or a sleek black head popping up out of his box.

We are unable to list our extensive selection of used paperbacks, some of the automotive items and hardbacks on-line, because our inventory changes daily.

We hope our careful selection of new books, wide diversity of used books and choice gift items and cards will encourage you to pause, relax and take a few moments with us.

If you don't find what you seek, please contact us at and we will be happy to check our shelves and get back to you.

We hope you will bookmark our site, and come back often.

Becky Milner
Vintage Books

Becky and Alec Milner

Debbie Buck 

Chris Milner 

Jeff Milner 

Mark & Pepper


Henry the Cat (In memory)

Dickens the Cat

Emerson the Cat (Has a new home now)

Maisie the Cat