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Book Appraising

Sorry, we do not appraise and will not suggest a value for phone, email or in person contacts.  

Vintage Books offers trade credit for books we can use and we do a Very Limited amount of cash buying.

To appraise the value of a book, someone must have the book in hand to see the complete condition.  This can not be done over the phone.

You can get a rough idea of retail value (or hopeful value) at:

For more details, contact a local or regional bookseller who can handle the books "in person" and then offer a valuation.  Expect to pay for this ($50-$85/hour is often the fee for the expertise and time involved.)

Appraisals can be for general "What do I have", insurance or legal purposes.  You will need to be clear about your expectations.

In the Greater Portland area, we suggest a very experienced and knowledgeable appraiser.  You will need to make an appointment and bring the books in person.  Please do not expect assistance via the phone or an email.

  • John Henley   503-351-0809

An ethical appraiser will not appraise and then offer to buy your books.  Be prepared to either ask for a valuation or tell the bookseller you want to sell the book(s) up front.