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Form for local/new authors to submit their book





Phone Number:


Email Address:


Please tell us about your book:

Publisher and date of publication:

___________________     __/__/__

How many of your books have been printed?


What else have you published?

What publicity are you doing for your book?

On your social media, where do you say your book(s) are abailable?
(ie online, chain stores, local bookshops etc.)


In relation to your book, do you have a website, twitter, and/ or facebook?


When would you like to have a signing? (Arrangements always involve coordination of schedules)


Would you do a signing with other authors?


Please tell us about any events, sales, specials, promotions, etc. you have planned within 3 months before/ after the date you've requested.

Can you guarantee at least 10 people in attendance for a signing, or 15 if you would like to do a reading?


If you would like to do a reading, will you need a microphone?


We welcome authors who actively help us to sell their books, Will you be bringing people to your event (Friends, family, fans)?


Will you publicize the event/ signing?


If your books are available from a major publisher, we will often order it directly from them. If your book is not available, will you bring copies with you?


We would handle the sale of the books at the event on a consignment basis (60/40), you would be paid at the end and any unsold books go back to your inventory.
Author events are scheduled 1-3 months in advance. Occasionally we can arrange something on a tighter schedule, but in such cases, we would need to rely more on your marketing. Thank you for contacting us, we will reply as promptly as we can.

To submit this form, please copy it and email it to us at