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We've got some chess sets



Cherry Stained Chest (Opens to store pieces) - $89.99
With Chess Pieces - $179.99
Maple & Walnut Chess Board - $49.99
    With Chess Pieces - $147.99

Blue & Madrone Tan Chess Board - $99.99 With Chess Pieces - $189.99

    Pieces/ Figures


Civil War Weighted Resin Figures
Revolutionary War Weighted Resin Figures
King Arthur Weighted Resin Figures
Robin Hood Weighted Resin Figures
Crusades Weighted Resin Figures
Alice In Wonderland Weighted Resin
Figures  $99.99

Non-Chess Games

Solitaire Wood Puzzle - $19.89


Email us at to order something from this page or to ask us to hold something for you.

If you are not coming in to pick it up, we will quote shipping