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Year Round
Your book and trade credit donations go to the VA Hospital, the Clark County Justice Center, various small giving projects, and to teachers and schools as a thank you for purchasing classroom/library reads here at Vintage

Book Angels
Each Holiday season, customers and staff of Vintage Books, work through local programs to put books into the hands of young people- many of whom do not own books, and often live with challenging life situations. They may be living in shelters, in foster care, or low-income homes and they may also be dealing with visual, auditory and physical disabilities.


In the past, we’ve worked directly with schools, school districts, health and care centers to  deliver, literally, thousands of books during the holiday season.  Recently, we’ve invited community youth to nominate projects, telling us where they see needs.  Chosen “givers” receive gift cards and trade credit to “purchase” books for their project, and we round out their choices with additional bags and boxes of books.  These young Book Angels deliver the books to the program themselves.

Helping youth see the power of what they can do is a joy!


We thank you for your ongoing donations of books, trade credit and cash to make this possible. We hear from teachers and families that what you are doing makes a difference to these children.

Thank you.