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Thanks for all you do to support community owned businesses.


Our little corner of the world (that is, publishing and bookselling and reading in general) is changing so fast that we all are challenged to keep up. And because so many of you have asked us how these changes are affecting our business, we are sharing this.


Here are seven things that we’re doing:


1. We are continually refining our inventory mix (new and used, cards and gift items) to more accurately reflection of what you, our customers, want.  


2. We are passionate and knowledgeable about what we sell. We work hard to be the very best at helping you to find just the right books for you or as gifts.  


3. We all live here. That might seem obvious, but think about it: independent bookstores return 40% more money to their local communities than the chains, and 99% more money to their local economy than national online competitors.


4.  We are selling e-books. You can purchase e-books from us for virtually every e-reader except the Kindle, which remains a proprietary product. Our prices for e-books are competitive with the big box stores and online retailers.   Check back for kobo specials.


5.  Using our website you can buy books from us 24/7, no matter where you are. You can arrange to pick your books up at the store (no shipping charge for in store pickup;) or you can have them shipped to wherever you want. You will be able to shop for books from our inventory or special order, easily and at your convenience.


6. We support community programs on a year round basis.   With your help, we donate to schools, child care centers, programs for seniors and troubled youth, service members overseas and other programs.

Our big project is always our Holiday season Book Angels drive, which gives books to children, classrooms and  literacy projects,  Young readers nominate

projects and deliver the books, helping them develop awareness of community needs.


7. The bonus card! Whenever you purchase a new book from us, you get that notation on your frequent buyer card that counts toward a free book after you purchase twelve.


This bookstore is a partnership.


Here are eight things that you can do:


1. Remember that a locally owned business is a valuable asset to a thriving community.  Think locally, and shop locally whenever you can.


2. If you read e-books, get as many of them as you can from us.


3. Know any former customers of stores that have closed? Send them our way!


4. When you can, pay for your purchases with cash or use a debit card rather than a credit card.  Bank fees are an increasingly large part of every retailer’s overhead.


5. Spread the word!  Forward our Facebook messages, tweets and blog to your friends who read. If you have media connections, please talk us up. If you haven’t visited our sites before, please visit:


Vintage-Books on Facebook, Vintage Books on Twitter.

Our news is printed here, first!

And please check out  Discover what’s going on in the greater Northwest Independent Bookselling community, discover new authors and exciting reads!


6. Buy VINTAGE BOOKS gift cards for friends and family, whether they have been here or not. Our gift cards also make great gifts for teachers and service providers.


7. Encourage your book club, your children’s schools, and any other group that reads, to support your local bookshop. If your group or school can combine to purchase ten copies of one new book title in a single transaction, we’ll give you a 10% discount. Twenty copies earn 20% discount.


Don’t participate in a book club but want to?  We have several groups that meet here at Vintage.  Drop in visits are welcome.


8. Talk with us! Your opinion matters. Nobody responds as quickly as we can to an actual customer whose opinions and preferences are important to us.



Just like you, we are in this for the long haul. Since 1975, we’ve been an active part of this community. With your support, we plan to be here for many years to come. We firmly believe that neighborhood stores contribute to the quality of life.  We hope that you agree.