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The Sunday Sessions

Are you a writer? Do you need motivation? Do you feel stuck in a rut? In
need of a nudge, inspiration, or information?


The Sunday Sessions are on the second Sunday of every month, and
encourage you to share this information with your writer friends. Any questions about
attending can be directed to

We are also seeking authors interested in presenting a mini-workshop
(about half an hour + Q&A) on writing as craft, publishing, marketing, promotion, social
media for authors, finding an agent, & other aspects of the writing journey. Please
contact Candace or Debbie at for more information.

Why not join other writers to share tips about writing craft, publishing,
and promotion.

Some pictures of past Sunday Sessions:

Cindy Brown Kate Dyer-Seeley
Mary Elizabeth Summer

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- Carolyn J. Rose on The Importance of Opinion, Attitude, and Style.
- Kate Dyer-Seeley on How to Find an Agent.
- Mary Elizabeth Summer on Diversity Matters: How to Write From the Other Perspective.
- Cindy Brown on How to Be Funny on the Page (even if you're not in real life).
- Phoebe Rose on First Pages: Grounding the Reader, Strong Pacing and Killer Hooks.
- Paula Stokes, Fonda Lee, Mary Elizabeth Summer and Jennifer Bosworth on a panel about writing.
- Jane Elder Wulff on The Art of Interviewing: Listening for Story.
- Hannah Dennison on Taking the Mystery out of the Mystery: Jump-start your novel!
- Angela Sanders on Writing a Series: Five Things I Wish I’d Known.
- Erik Wecks on Creating Authentic Characters.
- Christine Fletcher on I Couldn't Put It Down! Using Conflict to Hook Your Readers.
- Dan Strawn on Researching for Historical Fiction--Pit falls and Strategies for New Writers.
- Margaret Pinard and Don't Be Captain Obvious: How to Find and Deliver Essential Details for Setting.
- Kelly Garrett and Candace Robinson on Social Media 101: How to Build Your Online Presence as an Author.
- Curtis Chen on Give a Little, Take a Little, Let Your Heart Break a Little: The Story of Critiques.
- Laurel Gale on How to Plot Your Novel: Outlines versus synopses, how to ask.
the right questions to develop an idea in to a full plot, and basic plot structure.

- Sheryl Scarborough on The Art of the Details: Facts Vs. Flavor.
- Mollie Hunt and Changing the World Through Fiction: Introducing altruism without using soapbox rhetoric
(or  putting your reader to sleep.)

- Barbara Herkert and Crafting a Life: The Art of Writing Picture Book Biographies
- Cindy Brown on  How to Make Your Dialogue Sing (and Maybe Even Dance).
Margaret Pinard  on Money & Writing: Supporting Your Dream and Making it Pay.