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The Sunday Sessions


We are taking a break until September

Any questions about attending can be directed to
To Come:
-- June 2017 is Sheryl Scarborough on The Art of the Details: Facts Vs. Flavor
-- July and August we'll take a break and come back in September
Past Sessions:
-- January 2016 Carolyn J. Rose on The Importance of Opinion, Attitude, and Style
-- February 2016 Kate Dyer-Seeley on How to Find an Agent
-- March 2016 Mary Elizabeth Summer on Diversity Matters: How to Write From the Other Perspective
-- April 2016 Cindy Brown on How to Be Funny on the Page (even if you're not in real life)
-- May 2016 Phoebe Rose on First Pages: Grounding the Reader, Strong Pacing and Killer Hooks
-- June 2016 Paula Stokes, Fonda Lee, Mary Elizabeth Summer and Jennifer Bosworth on a panel about writing.
-- July 2016 - Break
-- August 2016 Jane Elder Wulff on The Art of Interviewing: Listening for Story.
-- September 2016 Hannah Dennison on Taking the Mystery out of the Mystery: Jump-start your novel!
-- October 2016 Angela Sanders on Writing a Series: Five Things I Wish I’d Known
-- November 2016 Erik Wecks on Creating Authentic Characters
-- December 2016 Christine Fletcher on I Couldn't Put It Down! Using Conflict to Hook Your Readers.
-- January 2017  Dan Strawn and Researching for Historical Fiction--Pit falls and Strategies for New Writers.
-- February 2017 was Margaret Pinard and Don't Be Captain Obvious: How to Find and Deliver Essential Details for Setting
-- March 2017 - Kelly Garrett and Candace Robinson on Social Media 101: How to Build Your Online Presence as an Author.
-- April 2017 is Curtis Chen & he's going to talk about Give a Little, Take a Little, Let Your Heart Break a Little: The Story of Critiques.
-- May (7th) 2017 is Laurel Gale and How to Plot Your Novel: Outlines versus synopses, how to ask the right questions to develop an idea in to a full plot, and basic plot structure.


Meet Author Ellie Alexander!
Crime of Passion Fruit Release Party

Tuesday June 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM – 8:00

Come set sail for a tropical adventure as we celebrate the release of the 6th book in the Bakeshop Mysteries, A Crime of Passion Fruit. Step aboard where you’ll be greeted with a taste of summer and the sound of steel drums against a backdrop of leafy palm trees.

The first 100 passengers will receive party favors—Coconut-Pineapple Dreams Come Chew. Tons of tropical giveaways and fun! Plenty of free parking onsite.

The event will be at

18110 Southeast 34th Street

Follow signs to Conference Building #3 and Cafe.

The event is free and open to the public. Beer and wine available for purchase. Lots of great giveaways!

More info on Ellie's event page at